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Join our LIVE Master Class for Abundance and Attracting Money!

That GUARANTEES to change your lives!

Hi! I'm Paridhi S Anand


Are you someone who wishes to transform your life and attract ABUNDANCE? Unlock just that!!!!

Step into the magic of your NEW LIFE with our Money Manifestation Master Class on March 7th! It's not just a class; it's a cosmic kickoff to your financial breakthrough. The first day of the year is like a spiritual clean slate, a canvas waiting for your dreams to unfold. Join us on this auspicious date and let the universe conspire with you to manifest abundance in 2024. Don't miss your chance to turn the first day into the first chapter of your wealth story!

What You'll Learn?


Master the Law of Attraction to attract abundance and wealth


Develop an Easy and Consistent routine to have a dream life!


Secret & Effective Techniques to become a Money Magnet!

Our Testimonials

7th March 2024, 7 PM onwards

If you're tired of living in scarcity and ready to step into abundance, then don't miss my "From Scarcity to Abundance Masterclass. "During this powerful 2 and a half hour live session, I'll guide you through the steps to attract wealth and money quickly. More importantly, I'll help you identify and overcome the common mistakes that have been preventing you from living your best life. Join me for this transformative masterclass and start manifesting your dreams into reality.

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Know Your Coach

I'm Paridhi S Anand, a Manifestation and Numerology Expert!

I am a Manifestation Coach and Numerologist, and my journey with the law of attraction began in 12th grade when my cousin introduced me to "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Starting with the goal of achieving success in my board exams, I manifested an unexpected 87% and secured admission to my dream university.

This success continued throughout my academic journey, leading me to excel in fashion design and secure a position as a Fashion Designer Faculty at my college. Applying the law of attraction to my personal life, I defied an astrologer's prediction and manifested a soulmate with the desired qualities.

My journey expanded with the manifestation of two children—a boy and a girl. The birth of my daughter, aligned with the angelic number 11:01, broke an 85-year tradition in my in-laws' house.

Throughout, I maintained patience and unwavering faith in higher powers. My story is a testament to the power of manifestation techniques and the incredible possibilities that unfold with patience and faith. Thank you for taking the time to read about my extraordinary journey.

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Exclusive Bonuses!


The techniques will be made easier and there will be many new ones too!

Secret Strategies

Well they are secret, so attend and find out!

Specific Affirmation 

There are very many known affirmations, but to attract big sums of money, there will be given specific affirmations!

Numerology Secrets

As an expert numerologist, I will be giving some important tips.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an important skill and it will be taught in a very easy way! 

Free E-book


  • What is the Date and time of this Master-Class?
    It will be conducted on 7th March, 7 PM onwards.
  • Is it suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! This Master-class could be attended by anyone who is looking to Manifest Money/Abundance in their lives.
  • Will there be any recording provided of this Master-Class?
    NO! There will be no recording provided, so please make sure to attend the Master-Class Live.
  • How Long will be this Session?
    It will be 2 hours Live Master-Class.
  • What will i need to have during this Master-Class?
    Usually, there is nothing needed for you to have except your full attention! But a notebook and pen to take notes is advisable.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, What are you waiting for?? Wait no more and completely transform your life this NEW YEAR and become a MONEY MAGNET!!!!!

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